How we generated half a million dollars for our Natural Skincare client in less than 4 weeks and more than doubled their target revenue.

  • x4.26 ROAS (return on Ad Spend from Facebook Campaigns)

  • 63% increase in monthly revenue in less than a month.

  • Lowered target CPA by 28%

 Our client is an award winning Natural Skincare brand that had entered the market a year prior to working with us. They are a huge advocate within the clean beauty movement and only use completely natural, organic and chemical-free ingredients in their products. They have built their brand around being fully transparent about their ingredients, the sourcing & manufacturing process & supporting ethical trade.

The Challenge

Our client had only used Facebook advertising for brand awareness, but never to drive sales. They needed help acquiring a larger customer base and wanted to double their investment in Facebook ads.

What We Did

  • We conducted in-depth research about their target audience and used this to create compelling copy and build high-quality audiences. 
  • We tested different audiences, copy, creatives, offers and hooks.
  • We set up their funnel & retargeting sequences in Facebook and Klaviyo.
  • We consulted them on the best types of creatives to use for their industry.
  • We set up their product catalogue and Dynamic Product Ads.
  • We included upsells at the checkout, to increase their average order value.
  • We implemented a post-purchase and social proof campaign, to improve customer lifetime value, build more brand awareness and increase brand authority.

The Results

  • We were able to achieve a 4.26 x ROAS, spending $118,927 on advertising and generating $506,838 revenue in just under 4 weeks. This more than doubled their goal of achieving a 2x ROAS with Facebook adverts.
  • We were able to lower the clients target costs and reduce their CPA from $50 to $36. This was 28% lower than their target cost.
  • Our creatives and ad copy resonated well with their audience and so we achieved a huge 3.21% click through rate (CTR) compared to the industry average of 1% for cold traffic. In addition, our cost per click (CPC) was only $0.89, with the industry average between $1-2.