How we worked with an ethical marketplace to generate 1,795 leads in 90 days at a cost of $1.12 per lead, 44% less than their target lead cost.

  • 1,795 leads at $1.12 cost per lead (CPL) instead of their target CPL of $2.
  • 44% lower than their target lead cost, saving nearly half their budget.
  • Increased their website traffic by 84%.

Our client is a new marketplace for ethical eCommerce brands to promote their business. Their goal was to build a platform that would connect value-driven consumers with brands that meet their core ethical standards.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to build their email list prior to launching and generate 1500 leads at a target cost of $2 per lead. The biggest challenge was their advertising account was new, so there was no existing data for Facebook to leverage to help target more accurately. 

What We Did

  • Our team conducted in-depth research about the company’s target audience and mapped out personas, brand voice and a customer language library. We realised that messaging was key to achieving optimal results.
  • We built a list of potential interests to inform our targeting
  • We set up their funnel, including retargeting sequences.
  • We tested out multiple ad creatives, calls to action and messages against different interest based audiences until we had winning combinations.

The Results

  • We were able to lower the clients target costs and generate 1,795 leads at $1.12 per lead instead of their CPL of $2. This was 44% lower than their target lead cost.
  • As a result of the lower lead cost, we generated an additional 295 leads for them and were still able to save nearly $1000 of their budget.
  • Our creatives and ad copy were so compelling, we achieved a huge 5.04% click through rate (CTR) compared to the industry average of 1% for cold traffic. In addition, our cost per click (CPC) was only $0.63, with the industry average between $1-2.