How we doubled our eco-friendly footwear clients return on adspend (ROAS) in 5 weeks and halved their cost per purchase.

  • We halved their CPA reducing their cost per purchase by 55%.

  • We doubled their ROAS, increasing it to x2.34

  • We increased their average order value (AOV) to $75

Our client is a well-established eco-friendly footwear brand who partners with global artisans to produce fair-trade shoes that are made from natural rubber, vegan leather and hand-woven textiles.

The Challenge

Our client had a lower price point product and they were only just breaking even with Facebook advertising. They wanted to lower their CPA to be profitable and needed help restructuring their funnel.

What We Did


  • We ran multiple new customer acquision campaigns testing different audiences, copy, creatives, offers and hooks.
  • We segmented audiences testing different products, placements, ages and genders.
  • We set up Dynamic Product Ads.
  • We ran post-sale customer loyalty campaigns to encourage existing customers to repeat purchase.
  • We added up-sells, down-sells and cross-sells to their site to improve their AOV.

The Results

  • We halved their cost per purchase, bringing it down from $26.60 to $12.04. 
  • We doubled their monthly revenue, increasing their ROAS from x1.37 to x2.34.
  • We were able to increase their AOV from $25 to $75.
  • We increased their traffic by 60%